Phil Malpas

Meet Phil Malpas

Phil Malpas is a freelance photographer, educator and writer living in Swindon in the south west of the United Kingdom.

Phil's first book "Capturing Colour"Click here to see Capturing Colour on (ISBN : 978-2940373062) was published in November 2007 and has been translated into a number of languages for sale all over the world. This was followed in November 2009 by the publication of "Finding the Picture"Click here to see Finding the Picture on (ISBN : 978-1902538357) which was co-authored with Clive Minnitt. In May 2010 Phil was delighted to contribute to "Travel Photography Masterclass"Click here to see Travel Photography Masterclass on (ISBN : 978-1902538594). All three books are available from Amazon.

Phil Malpas

Subsequently Phil has produced 2 further books "Secret Cottage"Click here for a preview of "Secret Cottage" and "Isle of Sark"Click here for a preview of "Isle of Sark" via the on-demand publishing service at Please visit the "Books"Click here to go directly to the Books page to find out more page on this site to find out more about all Phil's books.

In May 2002 Phil led his first photographic workshop for the UK based company Light and Land for whom he has now become one of the most prolific and well established tour leaders. Phil has since led over 100 tours and workshops to various locations around the world. If you would like to join Phil on the photographic experience of a lifetime please take a look at the "Workshops"Click here to go directly to the Workshops page to find out more page on this site.