On-line photography courses

I am delighted to announce that I will be one of the first photographers to offer on-line video based training through the on-line training company MyPhotoSchool.

Each week during the course you will be able to download a 30 minute video of me presenting each lesson. You will then get the chance to complete a weekly assignment, and I will give you feedback on your results.

The course is called "A Master Class in Light and Colour" and is broken into four sections as follows:
(please hover over each lesson title for a more detailed description)

    Lesson 1 : Colour Theory The first lesson will cover basic colour theory, analysing the way colours are created and their relationships with each other. Topics will include colour schemes, digital models for colour definition and how to use this information in practice to generate harmony, contrast and drama in your image making. Individual colours will be studied and their emotional, cultural and psychological impacts discussed. This basic grounding in colour theory is designed to give the student all the tools necessary to use colour to the maximum advantage.
    Lesson 2 : The Colour of Light The second lesson will begin by looking at the impact of individual colours and how they may affect the viewer. We will then cover Colour Temperature of various light sources and how to render them effectively using White Balance. Exactly how White Balance works will be discussed in detail. Students will be advised how human vision can be fooled and opportunities for fantastic colour images can be missed without careful attention to camera settings.
    Lesson 3 : Digital Colour and Filtration This lesson will discuss the advantages of shooting RAW. Exactly how the camera records colour will be included as well as contrast management and its importance as the “enemy” of colour photography. Techniques discussed will include the use of Neutral Density Graduated filters and Polarisers at the taking stage as well as how to go about adjusting exposure successfully when using them. A comparison will be made between film and digital cameras and how important it is to realise that they do not respond to light in the same way.
    Lesson 4 : Using Colour Lesson four will take a deeper look at the social, emotional and cultural impact of various colours. A number of examples will be given that demonstrate how to use colour for impact, how to minimise the colour palette and how to successfully de-saturate and partially de-saturate images. We will also take the opportunity to look at false colour infrared, discuss how easy it is to do and look at the kind of effects that can be achieved in this exciting area of digital photography.

There is lots more information on the MyPhotoSchool website, so to find out more, register an interest, or sign up for a course please click on the banner below:

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