My new website finally goes live!

New Home Page Old Home Page

I cannot claim to be any good at web design. I did realise, however, that something needed to be done as my original site hadn't really changed for some time and it was all looking a bit dated. The old home page is shown bottom left and the new home page top left - the changes here are just cosmetic CSS changes, but I think the new look has a more up to date feel. My main aims were fairly simple - I'd be interested to know if you think I achieved them!!

Firstly a photography website should be all about the images. Consequently I vigorously edited the 300 hundred or so images from my old site down to around 100. I then chose about 100 new images which hopefully are a better representation of my current style. I also renewed all the jpegs (I think they are all improved) and slightly increased the size of the images within the constraints of the same 1024X768 page size.

I also made some major changes to the pages within the site. The Gallery has been restructured geographically and thanks to my great friend Chris Watson I am now able to display images in reverse chronological order. (Chris is a bit of a coding wizard!). The "Prints", Articles", "Photo", "News" and "Links pages are no more and new pages for "Books", "Workshops", "Web Diary" and "Technique" have been added.

In general terms I have tried to maintain access to the top level menu on all pages so that you are only one click away from where you wish to be.

If you can find the time to drop me a note and let me know what you think of the changes - I'd be greatful. I will add any interesting comments to this web diary - and give credit for any suggested improvements.