An email from Bogota!

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Mr. Malpas. Good Afternoon!

My name is Liz Díaz, I am From Bogotá, Colombia. I´m a student of social communication and journalism in the Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano. In the last months I discovered my fascination for the photography, but I did not have much knowledge about the topic, so I started searching by myself, and the first book that I found was "Capturing colour" in Spanish "Captar el Color". I started reading it and yesterday I finished.

I really want to thank you for write that book, I learned lot of things about the chromatic circle, specially RGB, my favorite chapter was about filters, and the last one when you show all the pictures and the photographers you consider the best doing color pictures.

A few weeks ago, I started experimenting with a old analog camera that my dad had in his room... and I´m practicing a lot, bearing in my mind all your advices!!...Now I have a simple digital camera sony, and I´m going to practice with it...

Thank you very much to write that wonderful book, it´s easy to read, beautiful and perfect for me, now it´s my bible! Tomorrow I´m going to lend it to a friend that is also interesting in the subject!

Greetings from Colombia. Liz Díaz

I was delighted to receive this email from Liz in Bogota a couple of weeks ago. It really made my day especially as Capturing Colour was published almost 4 years ago. It makes it all seem worthwhile when someone finds the time give you feedback - especially when the words are as kind as these! Thanks Liz....Phil