Web Page Vistors

When I first decided to build a website to showcase my photography I was, of course, interested to see who (if anyone) might visit. Consequently I looked around for a suitable statistics gathering package and eventually chose Site Meter which is quick and easy to code and gives an excellent analysis of all sorts of information.

One of the statistics I found pretty amazing straight away was that I could see which country each visitor was from and I quickly started "collecting" countries as new visitors were tracked. This isn't an exact science as a small proportion of visitors (presumably due to limitations in the data available) are recorded as unknown but at this point I have had definite visits from 118 countries that I know about. I have also been visited by people from every state in the US, the last one being South Dakota a couple of years ago. Some people may think that my interest in this is a bit sad, but one thing is certain, it can sure help you with quiz questions on geography!

Listed below are the 118 countries from which people have visited my website - if you happen to be reading this and your country isn't on the list - then please drop me an email - as your country may be one of the "unknowns" to my webstats.

Where ever you pose the question as to how many countries there are in the world you will get a different answer. A quick search on the web suggests somewhere between 193 and 257 - so I guess I'm almost half way......

A Flag of Afghanistan Flag of Antigua & Barbuda Flag of Argentina Flag of Australia Flag of Austria Flag of Azerbaijan
  Afghanistan Antigua &
Argentina Australia Austria Azerbaijan
B Flag of Bahamas Flag of Bahrain Flag of Bangladesh Flag of Barbados Flag of Belarus Flag of Belgium Flag of Bermuda Flag of Bolivia
  Bahamas Bahrain Bangladesh Barbados Belarus Belgium Bermuda Bolivia
  Bosnia & Herzegovina Flag of Brazil Flag of Bulgaria
  Bosnia &
Brazil Bulgaria
C Flag of Cameroon Flag of Canada Flag of Cayman Islands Flag of Chile Flag of China Flag of Columbia Flag of Costa Rica Flag of Croatia
  Cameroon Canada Cayman Is. Chile China Columbia Costa Rica Croatia
  Flag of Cuba Flag of Curacao Flag of Cyprus Flag of Czech Republic
  Cuba Curacao Cyprus Czech Republic
D Flag of Denmark Flag of Dominican Republic
  Denmark Dominican
E Flag of Ecuador Flag of Egypt Flag of Estonia
  Ecuador Egypt Estonia
F Flag of Faroe Islands Flag of Finland Flag of France
  Faroe Is. Finland France
G Flag of Georgia Flag of Germany Flag of Ghana Flag of Gibraltar Flag of Greece Flag of Greenland Flag of Guatemala Flag of Guyana
  Georgia Germany Ghana Gibraltar Greece Greenland Guatemala Guyana
H Flag of Hong Kong Flag of Hungary
  Hong Kong Hungary
I Flag of Iceland Flag of India Flag of Indonesia Flag of Iran Flag of Ireland Flag of Israel Flag of Italy
  Iceland India Indonesia Iran Ireland Israel Italy
J Flag of Jamaica Flag of Japan Flag of Jordan
  Jamaica Japan Jordan
K Flag of Kazakstan Flag of Kuwait Flag of Jordan
  Kazakstan Kuwait Kyrgystan
L Flag of Latvia Flag of Lebanon Flag of Liechstenstein Flag of Lithuania Flag of Luxembourg Flag of Lybia
  Latvia Lebanon Liechstenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Lybia
M Flag of Macau Flag of Macedonia Flag of Malaysia Flag of Malta Flag of Mauritius Flag of Mexico Flag of Moldova Flag of Morocco
  Macau Macedonia Malaysia Malta Mauritius Mexico Moldova Morocco
  Flag of Mozambique
N Flag of Namibia Flag of Nepal Flag of Netherlands Flag of New Zealand Flag of Malta Flag of Mauritius
  Namibia Nepal Netherlands New Zealand Nigeria Norway
O Flag of Oman
P Flag of Pakistan Flag of Palestine Flag of Peru Flag of Phillipines Flag of Poland Flag of Portugal Flag of Puerto Rico
  Pakistan Palestine Peru Phillipines Poland Portugal Puerto Rico
Q Flag of Qatar
R Flag of Republic of Korea Flag of Reunion Flag of Romania Flag of Russian Federation
of Korea
(St. Denis)
Romania Russian
S Flag of Saudi Arabia Flag of Singapore Flag of Slovakia Flag of Slovenia Flag of South Africa Flag of Spain Flag of Sudan Flag of Sweden
Singapore Slovakia Slovenia South
Spain Sudan Sweden
  Flag of Republic of Switzerland Flag of Syria
  Switzerland Syria
T Flag of Taiwan Flag of Thailand Flag of Tonga Flag of Trinidad & Tobago Flag of Turkey
  Taiwan Thailand Tonga Trinidad
& Tobago
U Flag of Ukraine Flag of United Arab Emirates Flag of United Kingdom Flag of United States
  Ukraine United Arab
V Flag of Venezuela Flag of Vietnam Flag of Virgin Islands
  Venezuela Vietnam Virgin Is.
Y Flag of Yemen
Z Flag of Zimbabwe