Cuba 2011 images now live!

Mechanic, Havana

Please visit my "Rest of the World" gallery to see 10 new images from my recent trip to Cuba!

In November 2011 I was delighted to lead my 5th Light and Land trip to Cuba. Once again we were presented with an unbelievable number of opportunities for making exciting images and I am sure everyone present had a great trip!

I decided to travel light this time, particularly as Virgin Atlantic were limiting hand luggage to a miserable 6kg. So it was my Panasonic cameras that came with me together with a variety of lenses, all of which with the camera bag weighed in at an amazing 4.5kg! My kit consisted of 4 camera bodies (1 X GF1, 2 X GF2 and an LX5) and five lenses for the GFs 14-28mm, 28-90mm, 90-400mm and 200-600mm (35mm Full Frame Equivalents). I was able to attach a different lens to each of the GF bodies so not a great deal of lens changing was needed. I simply grabbed the camera with the required lens attached depending on the image I had in mind.

My aim for this trip was to get a few more "people" pictures than would normally be my style. In previous trips I have photographed endless old american cars, dilapidated buildings and animals (particularly dogs) so I felt there was a gap that needed to be filled.

It is my intention to produce a blurb book of the best images from my 5 trips to Cuba in the New Year. So please keep an eye on my website as I will shout about it when I finally get it done.

The dates for the 2012 Cuba trip have already been decided (please click on the workshops page for full details) and if you are thinking about joining us for my 6th trip, please feel free to drop me an email if you have any further questions about Cuba. Of course I would also be grateful if anyone has any comments to make about my 2011 pictures!