Capturing Colour gains acclaim!

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I am delighted to announce that "Capturing Colour" has been independently listed by the website in their top 10 under the heading "Best Color Management Books for Photographers".

Here's a link to the relevant page:

bestphotographybooks.comPlease click to visit bestphotography

Whilst I am blowing my own trumpet - here are some comments from Amazon about Capturing Colour:

"Given the proper equipment, a little training, and a modicum of talent, anyone can produce photographs of gallery or museum quality. Professional freelance photographer Phil Malpas presents Capturing Colour, an in-depth guide covering both film and digital photography. Illustrated with high-quality, full-color photographs throughout, the better to show examples of specific techniques and processes, Capturing Colour discusses color theory, filtration and filter systems, the option of deliberately choosing to limit one's color palette, processing and printing choices, and much more. A step-by-step guide accessible to beginners yet packed with tips, tricks, and techniques that even seasoned veterans are sure to find useful. Enthusiastically recommended for amateur, student, and professional photographers alike."

"I bought this book as a present for my nephew, who is doing a foundation arts course at college and has an interest in photography. I am myself a keen amateur photographer and thought this an excellent book. I usually find technical photography books disapointing, as they are often lacking in real detail or alternately completely unreadable. The author is a very effective communicator and for a book professing to cover 'basics' an impressive level of detail is contained without drowning the reader in technical information. Needless to say there are many excellent photos to accompany the text and inspire."